Things have calmed down a little bit here thanks to the Chinese deathplague, though the first couple months were kinda scary due to the high potential of losing access to the drugs/food necessary to keep the cat alive.


For summer, I would like to get the editing project for DKS3 randomizer finished and editing for Schwa's D&D game finished. That's my sole goal for the year overall and I'm not on good track for tackling it yet due to irl workload and insomnia.


I'm considering the following projects abandoned:


- WoW series (Tried 4 times to restart recording and gave up, accidentally deleted months of work on the side B conclusion)
- SSC (I will probably remove these particular D&D videos from the site and only have them available on request) (I am too far behind and most of the sessions I don't have anything to say, I'm working on a >40 hour dev video for the Fractal Maze and won't post it publicly since I don't want certain parties having access to my content)
- D&D primary article
- Publication variants of statblocks and other dev content for D&D


I will be working on the following side projects hopefully in the next while:


- 2x Steak hots videos (casted, needs processing)
- Horse hots videos (needs casting)
- Blizzard retrospective video (review of article+d2 reverse engineering+general insanity, I won't finish this soon but I did start it)


But overall I just want to finish the one major project this year. Any major casting is not going to happen.

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