Rodney Rigorously Rodded Roger's Rear

Hi! If you are reading this, it's either because you're digging through Archives or because it's still on the front page. If it's (likely) the latter, it's because I am doing "stuff" and this placeholder is here to let you know that, yes, this site will actually be used one day.


Currently, it's all about syncing my data from the threads to the site and then aligning the thread with the updates I am making to that data long the way. Additionally, a lot of my other content, like Retribution, will be featured on this site (and potentially CC as well later down the line, once Lav finishes it).


Currently, I have a lot of assets from the thread and then some assets Lav made for the original placeholder. Once I figure out how the Photoshop file works I'll probably make new assets for the entire site and leave the Thread assets with their current style. OR, I'll update the site as a whole to more match CC's color scheme. But that's beyond my skill level at the moment, so I'm going to just use whatever until then. Actually, most LP's and such probably won't have banners for a long time.


Once I'm comfortable dealing with this very confusing text editor/HTML/CSS business, I'll polish up some of my articles I either have in my forum or hidden away in Staff and publish them to this site.


The blog and thread are still going to be the primary locations I make updates. Posts here will primarily be for site-specific updates.

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