subforum removal

I have notified the administration of my desire to remove the CC subforum I have run since long before GP took shape. It hasn't seen much use in years, and to be frank I don't want to see it anymore.


I have determined that I will no longer be producing Coffee Hour. If I do produce another Coffee Hour, it will be a memorial video.


I am unsure of video content production in general. It's not something I can find an answer for at this time, and probably not for a very long time.


Every time I wake up or lay down I expect to see her peeking at me or expect to feel her wriggling around under the blankets. It never happens. Every hour that passes I instinctively start to get up to see if she wants food. I have to stop myself. My body's clock still ticks at noon and midnight to give her drugs. I have to force myself back to sleep or busy myself with housework.


I can smile and nod. I can laugh and talk. I can't live.


Her urn fits in the palm of my hand, but the weight of her loss is utterly intolerable.

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