The End of Gameproc

In the 90s I created VHS tapes of composited recordings from Goldeneye 007 and other consoles games for the purposes of entertainment.


Around ~2005-2006, I began producing digital videos, starting with Halo PC recordings of mods and the Stabbyman series.


In 2010 I opened and soon shut down a youtube channel that hosted over 1.2 million channel views, thousands of subs and several videos with 46k+ views a piece.


During 2011 I transitioned to dominantly LP casting with composited videos on the site, focused originally on CC's forum.


During 2015 I transitioned most of this content to Gameproc, and over the years further and further committed to devoting my portfolio and lifelong work that was still public to the site.


Now, on the 7th day of our Lord in January 2021, I am told that 2 terabytes is "too big" for an "unlimited storage" host and it's time to close our doors, right when we're on the cusp of releasing or developing several LP projects and multiple compilations.


This is the end of Gameproc, my content production, and my time on the internet outside of very closed groups of contacts. All content will be deleted shortly and I have no intentions of seeking alternatives.

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