I made a coffee hour just to wrap up the fiasco I went through and get everything laid out. That puts us here...


Current Projects


Let's Play

  • Kingdom Hearts

Other Video

  • Sonic 2006 Compilation (5/*)
  • Mucky Dark Souls 3 Compilation (2/*)
  • BlazBlue compilation 2
  • Edu 6-5
  • WoW Rant series 2 (5/*)


  • Site updates TBD

Float -

  • Quite a few castovers remain to be completed or recorded.

Edit Queue -

  • XXE Assembly


You'll notice I gutted a lot of stuff that was in limbo. I'll eventually return those to the queue as I complete my current workload. Right now my utmost priority is to finish the short-term stuff I started and then start tackling the large editing backlog from the last two years. As that continues I'll record footage for the WoW compilation, complete Kingdom Hearts, complete the next XXE, and other things in a conga line.

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