A new compilation, built from warcraft 3 games Mucky streams from our SS event, is now available in the French section.

nice butt - THE REVENGE

Around a year after this site was first forged from the pits of tomato sauce I am back at the helm of meddling with colors, font sizes, and other misc crap. Some noteworthy changes off the bat -


- I darkened the background very slightly.

- Base text size 13px -> 16px

- Slightly adjusted text color to reduce contrast.


This is because I noticed a very minor amount of strain reading the new articles. I'll update this post as more updates, if any, come in.

nice butt

Two new Awards and one new non-award Tag have been introduced to the About Video section. I also clarified in the LP listing that the Dragon's Dogma section also contains Dark Arisen.


The two awards, the Eggplant and the Willy award, are for censorship and cream of the crop bad respectively. The Tag is a multitool icon to be placed next to game titles (much like Rancid currently is). This denotes a title has seen significant edits, like the audio castovers in Alice: Madness Returns: or the overall work in Divinity.


Metting out these awards to existing titles and finding the best location for the Multitool icon are things that will come with time.


Still in super high productivity mode but making a december release for one of the major projects seems less and less likely with these day-long encode times. Soon, nonetheless.


By the way, if you're curious about that weird static/repeating audio at the end of some videos, that's a frameserver bug that has been well documented for an eternity and never fixed.


the Loladins of Legend dev video was added to the Extras section (Under Developer Single Compilations and Demonstrationals), and some very minor cleanup to Edu/Compilations sections for some of the file lists so the downloads stand out a bit more.




Also added Sc2 resource section. Currently just has my particle releases (old and new).


/e 2


Hooked the prototype Tech Doc pages to the Black Sun index. Of course it's super wip/experimental stuff I left behind ages ago but whatevs.

♂ Spahgetti Is Only Straight Until It Gets Hot ♂

For the first release of December 2016 I have a small Rant article about social media.




The segment 17 for DDDA, being the 14 minute micro segment about the Ur-Dragon, was finally added. Also Shanktarium s3.


/e 2


A second article, a short blurb about objective reviewing I had partly created earlier this year, was completed and is also now available.

chow yon fat

After months of planning and scheming I yolo'd the compilation art assets without any preparation or suitable source material. mezten'd




Cleaned up some descriptions and added some index banners/changed a couple things about. While there's many more major things I'd like to do, this is a good start.

crows are fat

+2 D&D videos (lard8/1shot-4)

Bernie's Bodacious Black Butt Bamboozled Backwater Bucks By Bouncing Barack's Beryl Botanic Balls Boundlessly Between Blissfully Boney Boats.

The Retribution Tech Document section has been ratified to clarify that the project is now dormant, and the previously private RTD render test video has been made available there.


Additional D&D videos are trickling in over time.

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