edu 7-1

Edu 7-1, a part of the new Looking Back series, has been released as a part of the Educational material. This video takes a brief look at Loladins of Legend: 2042.


/edit ( 22nd)


7-2, a shorter video regarding Apex, is also now available.

FF6 - released

Final Fantasy 6 is now available.


This is what our current priority sheet looks like.


Current Projects


Let's Play

  • ???
  • Golden Axe: Beast Rider (Started recordings) - Low Priority

Other Video

  • Edu * - ARPG Design Discussion - 50% complete
  • Ret Tech Document - GP Implementation (low priority)


  • Apex U - Novel Adaptation - Segment 1 (Conceptual phase)

Float -

  • Castovers (3 recorded)

Edit Queue -

  • 2015 Civ5 game (dormant)


Because of the myriad of IRL problems, nothing major has gotten done for public releases. However, some stuff is stewing in the background that may yet manifest into a public release.

A-U Seg 0 - released

The first tentative 1.0 version of Apex U's segment 0 is now available, along with its associated design commentary. As my first written work release to the public in over 22 years of writing it does little to humor all of my wasted years, but it's a start to something that I hopefully will live to complete one day.

XXE 22

XXE 22 is now up. Mario corruptions oddly enough fit handily alongside standard American games...


6 segments of spellforce are in the graveyard now. This run is now dormant and it is unlikely I will return to it in the foreseeable future.


A BlazBlue and two Ricky compilations are now in the compilations section.

P for PenIs

30+ heroes videos are now up. Descriptions to be done later. Lazy/busy/stress etc.

dragon dong

The two half-hour Dragonshard segments are now in the Graveyard.

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