apex U page up

It's rather barebones as most content for the project is not worth publicating yet. However, it is the home of the one dev video I posted in the thread a while ago, and has a summary for the curious.


The media section will be created later down the line.


Also, another educational video is up.

project status update

Might make generic project status updates on GP as a quick reference. seems best place for general updates.


DDDA > just started encoding seg8 of an estimated 12-13 total segments recorded, close to being finished recording, maybe another 2 major sittings


FF6 > seg4 encoded, no predictions on total (I'm not halfway afaik).


Apex > low priority, on hold, last work was confederate kitbashing/uvw experiments


Ret Tech Document > script building, blocking intro structure, modernizing old scenes is finished, I need to decide if I want to actually complete them for this project or leave as-is


FME Recast > preliminary brainstorming in my head, starting to assemble assets


Loladins of Legend > preliminary assessment of potential project revival


The graveyard is now up, complete with two Dragon's Crown segments.


I am slowly working on a section for Apex U but time constrains have been tighter than an untarnished tony.


Educational videos have been added to the Extras section. Currently, the site is still behind on several files, namely the First Gen reviews and the Graveyard. I have not forgotten about these, I just haven't felt up to doing the legwork to tidying them up and making them presentable. As no one has spoken out about the desire for certain older videos to remain available, namely dev videos and the GW2 videos, they will not be returning.


With Divinity: Original Sin now available, I have devoted slightly more time to the site. Notably, I added some of my old renders and screenshots to the About Me section for as much of a portfolio as I care to make.

Gameproc sync operation walked the plank!

Scrub the mast! All of the major thread content is now appropriately configured on both the thread and the site. Only the Recording Graveyard, which I need to assess potential new arrivals for, and some minor content, like gen1 reviews, await to be wrapped up.

Gameproc LP listing completed!

The LP listing for the site now features all current LP's that have been released. Some information may not be correct or finished, particularly some awards and the first-generation reviews I still need to sort out, but the bulk of the work is complete.


Once I sync up the compilations and castovers and sort some other stuff out, will be considered officially launched.


Thanks to Bloodyshade, the pipeline for porting LP content to the site has been improved by ten fold, and a chunk of today's work is already available. Over the next week or so we will see the thread's contents fully transition to the site where applicable, and then backporting and syncing in the other direction will begin.

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