Gameproc sync operation walked the plank!

Scrub the mast! All of the major thread content is now appropriately configured on both the thread and the site. Only the Recording Graveyard, which I need to assess potential new arrivals for, and some minor content, like gen1 reviews, await to be wrapped up.

Gameproc LP listing completed!

The LP listing for the site now features all current LP's that have been released. Some information may not be correct or finished, particularly some awards and the first-generation reviews I still need to sort out, but the bulk of the work is complete.


Once I sync up the compilations and castovers and sort some other stuff out, will be considered officially launched.


Thanks to Bloodyshade, the pipeline for porting LP content to the site has been improved by ten fold, and a chunk of today's work is already available. Over the next week or so we will see the thread's contents fully transition to the site where applicable, and then backporting and syncing in the other direction will begin.


Wings of Liberty and Magicka are now on the site. I also fixed the Conan link.


A new article is being written that further delves into Apex design philosophies.

obama stol ya deek

3 articles have been published. One is a 2015 video processing pipeline, which remains to be fully completed. Two are major edits to older articles of mine - the Apex Design document that previously occupied my forum, and a previously unreleased revision of my 2009 RTS article.


I have synchronized the LP thread updates to Gameproc. That means the vast majority of XXE The Revenge and one of the older XXE's are now available on the FTP, and the once youtube-only SC AI demo video is now in content extras. Swapped HoMM6 games into Extras alongside Civ5 and out of compilations.

Arnold Angrily Aggressed Adam's Anus

Alright. So, news updates on this site will slow down from hereon since it's mostly sync work. To that end, I think the only pre-third gen casts waiting to be processed is Wings of Liberty. But I'll wait for next month to do that because I'm close to my bandwidth cap. Some reviews I need to edit and fix up a bit before posting. Like, the Darksiders review makes a lot of unrelated discussion about another game in the background, which seems kind of unnecessary. I also need to reverse engineer some youtube rips for some of them.


I've added some new Blizzard Dota casts and more will be going up in the near future. I will be dissolving the two HTML directories and using the Dota Clone web page exclusively for future updates. Those are so insignificant I don't need two locations for them.


I think videos like Civ 5 will go into Content Extras rather than LP's. I have the 2013 game to make info on the pages for, but I have to do a lot of work on the 2015 game because of some oversights bringing in question if I actually encoded certain things or not. Damnit.


Tony Tediously Tended Troy's Towering Toucan

Alright, the LP template is more or less finalized. I am beginning the process of syncing the site to the thread with LP's and bringing in the first-generation uploads (that were once on youtube). These are source files, not rips (except for some of the reviews I can't find source for).


This will be a very time consuming process. Redoing all of the css/html for every existing LP page and copy pasting a lot of other information is not going to be particularly pleasant to do, but it's a necessity. Once it's all done, I'll swing back and sync the thread to the site in some respects (namely banners -> splash screens, encode dates and the first-gen uploads).


I've also partially translated over the Retribution page. I'll finish this up soon-ish as well.

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