Site audit Q1 2019

I am actively working on cleaning up the website. I am removing and cleaning up a few sections. While much work will yet remain, some major auditing is being done in the immediate future.

DMC5 is now available!

Yes, it's just as bad as we feared.

DDDAXE now available!

A 6-part compilation for Dragon's Dogma is now available in the Compilations section.

D&D BiB Sessions 4/5 released

The final segments for this short adventure series are now out. Other than SS-related productions the D&D section is not likely to see any more productions for an extremely long time, if ever.

Skyrimjob Part 1 released

The 9 videos composing the fantastical Skyrimjob Psychological Adventure part 1 have been released.

Painkiller Graveyard release

A single segment of this shooter is now available in the Graveyard.

4 new castovers

Gods, Fester's Quest, Bad Street Brawler and A Week of Garfield have been added to the Castovers section. Some information may or may not be updated later down the line, but the ballboy is rolling at least.

Some information from the Battletoads note in Gods will be corrected in a later cast (that was recorded in 2016).

CH-20, Albion2

A new Coffee Hour and a 6 hour D&D video for Albion2 are up.

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