What is likely to be the final Coffee Hour, at least for a long time, has been released.

state of affairs

currently our state of affairs is as follows.


- LP's are discontinued.

- EDU is discontinued minus one video I said I'd make for schwa and lollerskates.

- Skyrim, hl1, other side projects are all discontinued.

- Articles are discontinued minus an anime review update I said I'd do for drunk swede.

- Unreal 4 project is considered dormant until solution for retargeting is found that actually works AND my workload for DND is caught up on (I missed months of work so I'm in a bad spot atm).

- Compilations are active but the current top priority is sonic 2006 and followed maybe by wow series if I can pull out of our current crisis.

- Castovers may be resumed late in the year or next year if no one dies before then.


Current workload irl is insanely high between managing two cats whom have required hourly care to keep alive, general maintenance, and overall fatigue from 7 years of never-ending stress. If 2020 goes better than it started then the status of projects will be re-evaluated in later months. Otherwise, I am considering myself retired from general casting. However, given one of the cats is now on high-maintenance drugs and feeding routines until the end, it's unlikely the situation will ever improve even marginally.


If you're running Brood War with widescreen hacks, no-cd cracks, and other bullshit, don't complain to me when memory patchers like firegraft for AO 1.10 don't work, and don't act surprised if your dodgy junk breaks everything it touches.

skyrim s2 1-2

I have posted the two Season 2 skyrim videos that were created earlier in the year.

hl1 seg1 in graveyard

A few more videos will probably get regurgitated in the future as the chances of them seeing completion in any reasonable time is virtually zero.


Due to the irl crisis, things have slowed to a total standstill on all fronts except UE4 R&D.


Starting with the Guild Wars run, which began around three or so years ago, I had planned to tentatively fish into producing some projects as 60fps when peformance permitted (I could fraps this game but not DDDA at 60fps, for example). Namely, those that stood to compress favorably. Since Guild Wars wasn't an exceptionally high-motion game, the compression wasn't actually too bad even in the old pipeline. However, the encode times for those segments was monstrous, up to two days or more in some cases per segment.


Today, those encode times don't matter anymore, so I will be looking towards producing more applicable runs in 60fps. This will be a significantly higher filesize hike than any of the other pipeline changes I've done combined, so it will be addressed on a per-run basis, but it's a fundamental quality improvement I've wanted to pursue for quite a long time.


New coffee hour covering the current crisis and a retrospect of some of the year.

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