albion3 cast released

The six videos composing the extensive Albion 3 D&D cast are now available.

goat x2

Some slight reorganization sees segmenting of the D&D section in the Extras and the opening of Dad's Closet (also in Extras), which contains some legacy SC2 castings.

New releases

Today sees our first updates of the second half of the year.


  •  SSC 21-24
  •  WoW Rant 2 Side A Seg14
  •  The BDO Experience Psychological Adventure (enjoy that gross compression rate on pixelated grass)

Research & Format changes for future projects

I have solved the murder mystery of why wc3's later videos have video corruption. It's due to recordings on the new system using the official version of OBS which is still, to this day, bugged and doesn't support i444. Somehow I had been lead to believe the severe bugs had been fixed but they weren't. You still need an unofficial version that changes 3 simple lines to use the most important setting in the entire fucking program.


Additionally, there will be a small format change in upcoming productions. I will be transitioning from NeroAAC to Vorbis for all related audio releases where applicable. Also, I've phased out the Audition AAC encoder for a variety of reasons, not the least of which it being inferior to all other AAC implementations.


The net result will be much more accurate audio, especially in higher frequencies, and perhaps an unnoticeable increase in file size.

casting hiatus

General casting is now considered on hiatus, perhaps indefinitely.

wc3 available

As usual with these super big releases, the review will be a little bit yet. Keep an eye out for a melee video to be posted as well, once I record a suitable one.

New D&D article

A short article, sort of a summary of a far larger one that has been in construction since last year, has been posted.


Warcraft 3 is over 50% completed. Another disaster of a game with hysterical bugs and Canadianisms. We're on a roll of rancid it seems.

FF14 (4 segs) in graveyard

Some more dead weight getting offloaded for the time being.

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