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I've made the following updates:


- Skyrim seg 3 available in Psychological Adventures.

- E7 section updated to all 22 current releases.

- Three videos added to FF14 in Graveyard.

- Armageddon Onslaught Conceptual 2020 developer video added to Extras.



I still remember when you would sleep under the tree because you liked the soft rug, and I'd find you there every night before I took you back to your pillow.


Now? The days of even bothering to bring out any kind of holiday decor are dead. The moment is miserable enough, a constant reminder of the irreversible loss.


It took quite a long time, but now I hate winter just as much as everyone else does.


I purged google api fonts and switched everything to a combination of BillOS fonts so you don't need to block a url on here anymore.

CSS fixation

There's still some wonkyness here and there from the update, but as far as I can tell, Lavachu was able to correct most if not all of the tags that got flushed with the update, such as italics. Rejoice, fellow gravetenders.


chinese bootleg batteries

I scouted several runs and dropped them. These were runs that were on an internal to-do or to-redo circa 2011. Most aren't worth graveyarding.


NWN - Camera controls and UX too unintuitive. Aged extremely badly. As Bioware's sole playable title that's pretty telling.

Defense Grid - Not sure why I didn't have my original recordings. Under modern eyes, this wouldn't be interesting enough to run (Arknights is way better).

Supreme Commander - Shitty THQ RTS no one remembers because it was visually dated when it first came out and has no gameplay. I ran the second one years ago and had attempted to record the first one when I started LP's but it got canned for reasons I don't recall. Under modern eyes, this wouldn't be interesting enough to run (WC2 or Dungeon Keeper 1 would be much better choices). Also the UI sucks really badly, quite possibly the worst of any RTS I've personally played other than SupCom2 and Wc1 despite having technical pairity to Exigo.

UT2004 - Didn't withstand the test of time and the downspiral from August. While still a solid technical FPS the game itself doesn't really hold my interest for a run. I'll probably graveyard it.


Current workload priority is on Autumn Wind which will be my last D&D short adventure.

Launch of E7 Compilations

Phone game pvp recorded to try to help get back into casting over the last month.


Shadow Warrior LP now available.

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