+6 D&D dev commentaries

I have added six new videos in the D&D section which are commentaries of recordings from some oneshots I ran a while ago.


The D&D section was updated and several portions of the videos were renamed (both on the page and the actual file names) to be a little more distinctive for sorting. I also added a new Fists video.

nice butt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golden Axe: Beast Rider now has 2 segments in the graveyard.


Current Projects


Let's Play

  • DMC3 Very Hard Vergil

Other Video

  • Sonic 2006 Compilation
  • Mucky Dark Souls 3 Compilation
  • BlazBlue compilation 2
  • D&D Videos


  • Free assets for Roll20

Float -

  • Quite a few castovers remain to be completed or recorded.

Edit Queue -


  • Misc dev recordings


I am once again considering casting active. I would like to break the trend of summer being a downtempo swing.

MGR Seg 1/2 available in Graveyard

Once it became abundant a world of QTE's was in my future I did the right thing and dropped the run. Maybe not indefinitely, but long enough I may as well release what I recorded thus far.

2 D&D videos & Heroes RLN 17-41

A new episode of LMOP and one for Furry Fisting are up, as well as the aforementioned Heroes replays.

coffee hour 9


fists p2, new article

I've added the next part of the 6th 1shot series to the D&D page.

If you're curious what all this bullshit is about but haven't looked into it yet, or want to know more about my thoughts and experiences on the subject, I've also created a related article, The Digital Tabletop Experience.


Starting to work on the backlog of D&D stuff. 12 is up now, for LMOP.

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